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Official Overview

A great empire teeters on the brink of annihilation. Outside the town wall, nobody is safe from cruel bandits. Survival depends on the success of a perilous mission. Answer the king's call for help as a fearless paladin, an unscrupulous dragon hunter or a novice magician. Enter a medieval world filed with armies of orcs, brutal beasts and other evils hidden everywhere.

Solve the secrets and riddles of an ancient culture. Find yourself buried in the dark caverns of the underground temple. Forced to survive on dripping water and small animals, you are rescued 6 months later by Xardas, the demon charmer, ready to embark on a gripping adventure...

How the story ends is up to you...

Release Information

We recommend installing both the main game and the expansion initially, since the expansion's plot is intertwined with the main storyline. Saves made in the main game will cease to work when you install the expansion on top of it.

Patches and Modifications

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Unofficial Patches


Known Issues

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