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Below is a list and comparison of the Download Clients that are available or can be used with GOG.

Name Released Resume Repair Extras Windows Mac OS Linux Interface Language License Version Notes
Official Client 2012-03-27 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Graphical C#/.NET Proprietary 3
JGOGDownloader 2011-02-27 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Graphical Java WTFPL Cover Art support
XGOG Downloader 2011-01-19 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Command line Perl GPL 0.0.0 Discontinued
gogdl 2011-06-26 Yes No Yes No No Yes Command line Lua MIT Multiple integrity checks
gog-backup 2012-01-05 Yes Yes Yes Yes[1] Claimed[2] Yes Command line Python GPL 1.0 Parallel downloads, integrity checks, cover art.
gogdownloader 2011-03-05 Yes Yes Yes No[3] Claimed[2] Yes Command line C++ WTFPL 0.28 Discontinued in favor of LGOGDownloader
GOG-backup 2012-03-03 No No Yes Yes Claimed[2] Yes Command line Python MIT
LGOGDownloader 2012-08-01 Yes Yes Yes No Untested Yes Command line C++ WTFPL 2.24 Create GOG XML files, cover art

An AUR package for Arch Linux can be found here.

Gogonlinux 2013-01-04 No No No No No Yes Graphical and Command Line Python BSD 3-Clause 0.2.4 The whole project provides compatibility patches and custom setups for games on Linux and is not just a simple downloader.
xgogdownloader 2014-01-30 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Command line Java WTFPL 0.8.0 Java port of the lgogdownloader.
gogrepo 2015-05-06 Yes Yes Command line Python GPLv3+ 0.3a
  1. Works for author
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Untested
  3. Can be compiled for Windows with Cygwin