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Registrations are currently disabled while we combat spam. Please request an account here And one of the admins will manually approve it.

GOGWiki is a community operated wiki that aims to document every game from the catalogue. Games with a lot of issues are documented here to help ensure your can get it working perfectly on a variety of operating systems.

Welcome to GOGWiki!

If you'd like to contribute see the page layout guidelines for more information on getting started!

Don't hesitate to pop into the Chat or contact any of the administrators for more information. Also see this forum thread on

There are many ways to see what GOGWiki has to offer you:

Except where otherwise stated, content on this Wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC Licence. Attributions should be in the name of "GOGWiki".


GOGWiki will ever be free, but with increasing costs I would at least offer you the possibility to help out in maintaining the Wiki. Monthly costs to run this Wiki:

  • 3.99 € - Hosting
  • 4.99 € - True SSL Cerfiticate

This results in a total cost per month of 8.98 € (or ~10 US$)

Donations can be processed through PayPal, using the "Donate"-Button on the left hand side.

Current Events

PSA: Your administrators

This is just a quick note to let you know who your administrators on the Wiki are. Administrators are people to go to regarding Wiki policy and structure, and for general questions and support regarding the Wiki. Each of us just contribute to the Wiki like everyone else, but we're also responsible for how the Wiki looks and behaves and keeping the lights on. The newest administrators are myself and Vagabond. The other administrators, who are much cooler, older and wiser are Thiev (who now works for GOG and stuff), Ubivis who is pretty much in charge of the whole thing, Xyem who we look to for technical guidance.

Feel free to message any of us with any questions regarding the Wiki. If you have a great idea you might need special user rights for you will need to speak with Ubivis. We're all regular contributors too, and we can be messaged in that capacity as well.

Anyway, why are you still reading? I need a bit of help with Dungeon Keeper 2...

Tea 22:13, 18 August 2012 (MEST)


A Year and a Bit On

Well hey isn't it about time we got some more news? It's been over a year since the wiki opened to the public and isn't it just the best thing ever? We've collected a whole bunch of brilliant active contributors but we still need your help. If you got a game working somehow, just type its name into the search box over there, create an account and edit the page! If you're not sure how to format your contribution or you need a little help writing it up, head to the game's talk page or message someone and ask for a hand.

Don't be afraid to raise a question on the official GOG forums either!

In the meantime we have a few plans to improve the structural areas of the Wiki. After we've had some discussions behind the scenes we should have something to show on this page. Don't forget you can give your ideas too, message me or Ubivis or lurk around on the Chat until someone shows up if you have something to share. You can also come and see a few of us in #gog on (just watch out for Luke's underscore, it gets a bit testy).

Here's to another great year and a bit and long life to!

Tea 14:13, 16 August 2012 (MEST)