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Official overview

Welcome to Age of Wonders, the authentic turn-based fantasy strategy classic that started the hit series. Age of Wonders’ intimate atmosphere with painterly graphics still shines today. The game’s fully patched up, start building your fantasy empire today!

The Age of Wonders, once a time of magic and peace. An age swept into the ravaging gale of chaos by the arrival of a single, uninvited race: the Humans. The fragile balance that existed between the ancient races, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and others, has changed into a struggle for power and survival in the wake of the turmoil the Humans have brought to the land. Prepare for a strategy adventure where you will uncover wondrous ancient artifacts, awesome magical power, and the secrets of a shattered empire. Ally with the forces of light or darkness to determine the fate of the world in the Age of Wonders!

  • Age of Wonders is a turn-based game combining the best elements of strategy, adventure and role-playing.
  • Forge strategic alliances with compatible races to leverage each race's unique skills and abilities.
  • Experience captivating single player campaign playable from the light and dark side.
  • Play multi-player games against your friends through hotseat play, play-by-email, or over LAN or the Internet. The latter two modes feature an additional game play mode of simultaneous turns for a fast game pace.

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Patches and modifications

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Known issues

Official compatibility

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

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Widescreen Support

Overall Ratings

   Widescreen: A
   Multi-Monitor: A 

Screen change: Pixel based

Widescreen Method: Native

Hud Stretch: None

Multi-monitor Method: Native

Multi-monitor HUD: Optimised

Rendered cut-scenes: N/A

FMV cut-scenes: N/A

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Sale History

Price Discount Promo Date(s) [Y/M/D] Notes
$2.99 50% Supremacy Special 2014/04/25 - 2014/04/28