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Aquaria is a 2D underwater metroidvania (action-adventure) indie game.

Official overview

Naija is a lonely sea creature who has called a small stretch of water her home for as long as she can remember.But a strange encounter awakens her from her life, which has seemed like a dream. Suddenly, emotions she has never felt before are released, and she cannot bear to stay. She realizes that there is a world out there she has never known, and she longs to discover new waters.

By singing songs, Naija can weave her unique gift - the Verse - to change the world around her. With each song she learns comes new abilities that will help her reach new areas, combat ferocious sea creatures, and ultimately discover the truth about herself. Along the way, she'll make time to cook food, ride seahorses, and perhaps even fall in love!

Release Information


Platform Installer filename Size MD5
Windows: setup_aquaria_2.0.0.1.exe 206 MB e3c9634dd6dcbf3c3701e5f183f96fb6
Mac: aquaria_2.0.0.1.dmg 206 MB 94bed9c0e8be7986c94710be9f2e3b15
Linux: 202 MB 1810de0d68028c6ec01d33181086180d


There are no bonus downloads, but you can get the soundtrack by copying the .ogg files out of the mus folder in the game installation directory.

Patches and modifications

Official patches

The GOG version already has the last official patch applied.

Unofficial patches


Before they abandoned the game, the original developers released the source code.
Fans have used this to create an engine patch called Aquaria OSE (OpenSourceEdition).
It comes with the following perks:

  • Provides 64-bit builds (the GOG version comes with a 32-bit binary only)
  • Fixes bugs
  • Improves performance
  • Supports higher screen resolutions
  • Improves support for input devices
  • Subtly improves the quality of visual and audio effects
  • Adds the ability to Alt+Tab out of the game while it is running
  • Adds an in-game mod downloader (accessible from the main menu)
  • Improves modding support (allowing mods to do more interesting things, which several mods take advantage of)


Almost all known mods can be accessed from the in-game mod downloader that you get when you install the OpenSourceEdition patch.
In fact, several mods require the OSE to work.
There are two types of mods:

  • Adventures — These add new campaigns to play. (See this Steam guide for an overview.)
  • Content patches — These make changes that affect the main campaign (e.g. localized subtitles), or all campaigns (e.g. costume changes/skins).

Known issues

GOG trivia

Sale history

Price Discount Promo Date(s) Notes
$1.99 80% Summer Sale 2016 2016-06-15

See the page for a more complete price history.