ArmA 2: Combined Operations

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Official Overview

Step into the battle-worn boots of an elite soldier deployed to a war-torn country. Caught between the awe-inspiring might of the US Marine Corps offshore and the Russians anxiously watching from the north, the fate of Chernarussian province of South Zagoria balances on a razor’s edge. As a new and dangerous conflict explodes in the Green Sea Region only the coalition forces led by the US Army stand between the people of Chernarussia and the bloody reign of the Movement of the Red Star. Take part in the operation to protect freedom and democracy as a basic infantryman or special operative.

ARMA 2: Combined Operations is the most realistic military combat sim featuring cutting edge tech, vast and exquisitely detailed environments, and authentically modelled weapons, units, and vehicles. Non-linear player-driven campaigns offer one of the best multiplayer experiences ever seen in a modern-day military shooter, and modding capability offers you the chance to take your ARMA 2 co-op sessions to a whole new level.

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Day Z Mod - A zombie mod for ARMA 2: Combined Operations

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