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Official Overview

ArmA is a first person tactical military shooter with an emphasis on realism and simulation. This game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread over vast areas alongside the more traditional closed quarters battle. The player is thrust in the midst of an engaging and expanding storyline, fighting against smart, aggressive enemies who will continually provide a challenge over a massive landscape.

This is the second installment of the acclaimed ArmA series. It takes all that is best from its predecessor and improves it creating a nearly perfect combat simulator. Make no mistake, this is not a standard FPS shooter where every event is scripted and all you have to do is pull a trigger at the right moments. Here it is your job to come up with a plan and execute it with the resources that are currently at your disposal, and when the fighting is done and all objectives are met there is this satisfying feeling of victory that was not handed to you but truly earned.

Release Information

ArmA Gold includes:

  • ArmA: Armed Assault (2007)
  • ArmA: Queen's Gambit (2007) Expansion pack

This GOG requires contacting GOG support to obtain a multiplayer CD key. For details see: [Support].

Patches and Modifications

Official Patches

ArmA Gold is patched to the latest version, 1.18.

Unofficial Patches


The ArmA Modding Community is expansive.

Known Issues

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