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Barefoot Essentials is a browser extension for improving user experience on the website, as well as providing useful integration with the community wiki. A popular feature is the ability for users to upload their game collections to the wiki for the world to see.


Improved Navigation Bar

  • The navigation bar moves quietly out of site when you're not using it, leaving you with more screen space. If you have pending alerts (private messages, replies, etc.) then the navigation bar does not automatically hide itself.
  • The "Browse Games" and "My Account" dropdown menus now appear instantly on mouseover instead of after a delay.
  • The "My Account" dropdown will contain links directly to your game list, shelf and wishlist

Forum Enhancement

  • Adds shortcut keys to add links and formatting when writing or editing posts.
  • Adds "quick post" and "quick reply" feature to the forums, so that you can write directly in a thread without needing a "new post" window.
  • Live preview, so that you can see your post before you submit it.

GOGWiki Integration

Link to Wiki on Gamecards

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Screenshot of a gamecard demonstrating the link to the Wiki.

Every gamecard on will have a convenient link to the community wiki page for that game.

Your Wiki Page

Jump directly to your wiki page, if you have one, through the "My Account" dropdown menu.

Other Users' Wiki Pages

When browsing the forum, click on the username displayed next to any post to visit that user's personal wiki page.

Share Your Collection and Wishlist on the Wiki

You can now publicly share your game collection (shelf or list form - whichever you prefer) and your wishlist on the community wiki.

From the "My Account" dropdown menu, you can have Barefoot Essentials collect information about


Barefoot Essentials is made to run on Greasemonkey - a Firefox extension that allows users to make scripts to enhance or change web sites. There are extensions available that add support for Greasemonkey scripts to other browsers too, so you don't have to be using Firefox.

To install Barefoot Essentials the first thing you need is an extension to add support for Greasemonkey scripts to your browser. The following are recommended:

  • For Google Chrome (or Chromium, SRWare Iron, or other Chromium-based browsers): TamperMonkey.
  • For Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update: TamperMonkey

Once you have one of those extensions installed, visit the Barefoot Essentials 2.2 page and press the green "Install this script" button.

Unfortunately, there are no plans at the moment to port this to Internet Explorer. Safari might get a port if there is enough demand.

How to Embed Your Collection and Wishlist onto your Wiki Page

Each user on the wiki gets their own user page which they can use to share information about themselves. This is the ideal place to embed your wishlist and game collection.

Once you have updated your profile from the "My Account" dropdown menu on you are given a link to your own user page. Click on the link to visit your user page and then click on the "edit" tab on the top of the page.

You can add whatever you like to this page. To embed the information that you sent to the wiki you need only add any of the following html-like tags to your page where you want the information to appear. First line will give you the big pictures like the gog library grid view. Second line (small) will give you pictures like the gog library list view. Third line adds a counter.

<gog-games />
<gog-games small /> 
<gog-game-count />

<gog-movies />
<gog-movies small />
<gog-movie-count />

<gog-wishlist />
<gog-wishlist small />
<gog-wish-count /> 

<gog-legacy-shelf />
<gog-legacy-list />
<gog-legacy-wishlist />