Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

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Official overview

You're pitted against Dr. Pyrus Goldfire. He is using genetics to create an army of bizarre creatures, in order to wage war on Earth. What's more, he's found a way to replicate pure gold, which he's using to fund his maniacal plan. Goldfire has built six highly secure, futuristic installations where his creations are being hatched. It's up to you to penetrate his security and stop him at all costs.

Only you can help British Intelligence agent Blake Stone penetrate the top-secret locations before Goldfire unleashes his minions!

Release information

Blake Stone is packaged with DOSBox v0.74. Its installer is a single executable file.


manual (32 pages) (8MB)

    blake_stone_aog_manual.pdf - 32 pages

Patches and modifications

Official patches

Blake Stone is already patched to the latest version, 3.0.

Unofficial patches

There are no unofficial patches for Blake Stone.


There are no modifications for Blake Stone.

Known issues

Since this release uses DOSBox, it is advised to read through our entry on DOSBox for general troubleshooting.

Skipping/popping audio

Since GOG tends to utilize years-old DOSBox settings standards, several issues permeate through their DOS releases. Skipping audio is among them. Though there is no universal solution for this issue, adjusting several settings in the [mixer] section of a DOSBox configuration file helps alleviate most problems.

Open the DOSBOX .CONF file in the game's folder with a text editor and edit the values under [mixer] to the following:


Slow performance

A common solution to this is changing the DOSBox graphical output. Run the "Graphics Mode setup" program in the game's folder and try out the options until one suits your preferences.

Adjusting cycles (CTRL-F12 to increase; CTRL-F11 to decrease) is another method.

GOG trivia

Support for Mac OS X was added on June 18, 2013.




Note: These editors are designed for Wolfenstein 3D, but also work for the Blake Stone games.