Blake Stone: Planet Strike

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Official overview

After a five year manhunt for the elusive Dr. Goldfire, the search has ended. The trail has led Blake to the planet Selon, and to the abandoned STAR Institute Training Complex. If the reports are correct, then Dr. Goldfire is alive and has once again created a fiendish army of evil mutants. Blake is going to need all his wits, skill, and the best firepower money can buy to put an end to Goldfire's plans. He must use all his resources to destroy the good Doctor before he can unleash his new army on the universe.

Once again, British Intelligence agent Blake Stone will find himself in a life or death struggle to determine humanity's future. Up against absurd odds and the largest assortment of hideous creatures and armed guards ever amassed, Blake embarks upon his most dangerous mission ever, classified: Planet Strike!

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  • manual (14 pages) (4MB)
    blake_stone_ps_manual.pdf - 14 pages

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Note: These editors are designed for Wolfenstein 3D, but also work for the Blake Stone games.