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Official Overview

You are Alexander Nesterov - a meteorologist on his way back home from station post “Pole 51”. He was supposed to travel on board the nuclear ice-breaker “North Wind”, but upon his arrival he discovers that something terrible has happened to the ship and its entire crew. Forced to find shelter form the ice storm, he enters the wreck and is suddenly struck by strange visions of what has happened within the confines of of this cursed vessel. He has no choice but to explore deeper into the derelict in search of something to fight off the more immediate life-threatening danger: the bone-freezing cold.

Cryostasis emphasizes the setting; the horror, the cold, and the grinding fight to survive the relentless chill pervade the game. Winner of Gamespot's "Best Story" award for 2009, although this title has some detractors, the tightly-wound suspense and the engrossing story are definitely something that every gamer should experience for him or herself.

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