Deus Ex: Invisible War

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Official overview

Twenty years after the events depicted in the multi-award-winning Deus Ex, the world is just beginning to recover from The Collapse. As an elite agent-in-traning, you must match wits against numerous militant factions bent on violently reshaping the world to suit their own agendas. Armed with a multitude of high-tech gadgets and futuristic bio-mods, you are granted nearly superhuman powers. Travel the globe while uncovering fiendish plots and convoluted conspiracies of world domination. Unmask the conspirators, and discover the shocking truth behind your own origins.

Deus Ex: Invisible War features the open-ended gameplay of the original: use multi-tools and trickery to get past your opponents, or just turn their technology against them as you hack their turrets and computer systems. Along with bio-mods and choices that let you mould your character as you desire, take advantage of the numerous ways to customize your weaponry whether it’s to increase their rate of fire or clip capacity. Last but not least, take advantage of the various factions, such as the Omar who have the only black-market bio-mods, to further your aims.

Who should you trust? Who should you fight? Every decision you make affects the world around you.

Release information


  • manual
  • 2 wallpapers
  • soundtrack
  • developer's commentary
  • 2 avatars
  • 24 artworks

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$3.99 60% Square Enix Supply 2014/04/04 - 2014/04/07