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Deus Ex is a seminal futuristic dystopian cyberpunk role-playing game (RPG) created by the Austin, Texas division of now-defunct game development studio Ion Storm. This version is the Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition, which is the newest official release of the game.

When this edition was originally released as a boxed CD in 2001, it was packaged with an additional soundtrack CD containing the majority of the game's music, which is included in the extras of this digital release.

Official overview

In the dystopian future of the year 2052, society slowly spirals into chaos. A lethal virus, the “Gray Death”, ravages the world. The only vaccine, “Ambrosia”, is in such short supply, it is only available to those wealthy enough and deemed “vital to the social order”. With no hope for a cure for the common people, riots occur worldwide and a number of terrorist organizations have formed. As a response, the United Nations has created The United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO). You assume the role of JC Denton, a nanotechnologically augmented UNATCO agent. After completing his training, JC gets slowly plunged into the world of augmentations, human misery, and conspiracies, determined to uncover the truth behind the real world order.

Deus Ex is an unquestionable masterpiece of a game. With its excellent blending of genres (RPG and FPS), ambitious and multi-layered storyline, and highly interactive and expansive environments it is a "living legend" among gamers. The level of flexibility in character development allows you to follow your own style of gameplay. Stealth, combat, deception, hacking - whatever works, and there is no “best” choice, only “your choice”. Every skill you invest in counts (except for swimming!) and opens new possibilities. So find out for yourself why Deus Ex is on all those "Greatest Games of All Time" lists.

Release information


  • manual (3MB)
    Deus Ex manual.pdf - 21 pages
  • HD wallpapers (6MB)
  • reference card (1MB)
    deus ex reference card.pdf - 1 page
  • soundtrack (144MB)
    01 - Deus Ex main title.mp3
    02 - Intro sequence.mp3
    03 - Liberty island.mp3
    04 - UNATCO.mp3
    05 - Battery park.mp3
    06 - NYC streets.mp3
    07 - Lebedev's airfield.mp3
    08 - Airfield action.mp3
    09 - Enemy within.mp3
    10 - Desolation (Hong Kong canal).mp3
    11 - The synapse (Hong Kong streets).mp3
    12 - Hong Kong action.mp3
    13 - Majestic 12 labs.mp3
    14 - Versalife.mp3
    15 - Naval base.mp3
    16 - Paris streets.mp3
    17 - DuClare chateau.mp3
    18 - Paris action.mp3
    19 - Return to NYC.mp3
    20 - Oceanlab.mp3
    21 - Ocean action.mp3
    22 - Oceanlab complex.mp3
    23 - Vanderberg.mp3
    24 - Begin the end (Bunker).mp3
    25 - Area 51.mp3
    26 - Ending 1.mp3
    27 - Ending 2.mp3
    28 - Ending 3.mp3
    29 - The Illuminati.mp3
    30 - Dx club mix.mp3
    31 - Training room.mp3
    32 - NYC bar.mp3
    33 - Hong Kong helipad.mp3
    34 - Hong Kong club 1.mp3
    35 - Hong Kong club 2.mp3
    36 - The nothing.mp3
    37 - Paris club 1.mp3
    38 - Paris club 2.mp3
    39 - Paris cathedral.mp3
    40 - Conspiravision.mp3
    41 - Paris cathedral conversation.mp3
  • avatar (1MB)
  • newspaper handout (1MB)
    Deus Ex newspaper handout.pdf - 1 page

Patches and modifications

Official patches and files

v1112fm patch. The GOG version is already patched to this version. The patch can be opened with any archiving tool (WinZip, 7-Zip, etc.) in case you need to copy files from it.

08_NYC_Street.dx from the original (non-GOTY) version of the game. The GOTY version of this map is bugged, and does not play the background music.

  • Shifter and its' derivatives (see DeusEx.u Modifications) also fix this problem, but do it internally, without modifying the map.

Unofficial patches and files

  • - Updated rendering engines for Direct3D9 and OpenGL, scripted by Chris Dohnal
  • Deus Ex v2 is a community-supported ongoing patch effort, aiming to fix bugs while minimizing changes to the gameplay and balance.
    • (Deus Ex v2 is not compatible with DeusEx.u Modifications listed below, as it modifies the same files. (DeusEx.u and
  • Kentie's Launcher is a replacement for the DeusEx.exe that ships with the game, and will make it easier to manage your mods.
    • Kentie's site also includes an updated rendering engine for Direct3D 10.
      • Windows XP users may need to use this version of the launcher due to an XP-specific problem that causes the launcher to not show folder paths when looking at your Data Directories.
    • A minor revision to the map 03_NYC_Airfield.dx, necessitated by a conflict in the original version of the map which causes Kentie's launcher to crash shortly after that map is loaded.
      • Alternatively, there is a workaround detailed on Kentie's site.
  • UI Scaling Fix, useful for playing at high resolutions. (Included with Kentie's Launcher)
  • Gamma Reset Application, to be used when Deus Ex crashes and leaves the gamma correction on your monitor turned up.


DeusEx.u Modifications (Gameplay Rules)

Only one of these mods can be used at a time; all of them modify the same files, DeusEx.u and

  • Shifter includes bug fixes, some restored content, and some new content.
    • Deus Ex Enhanced provides a number of fixes and upgrades. Based on and includes all content from Shifter v1.8.4.
      • NOTE: The downloads for Deus Ex Enhanced available on ModDB do NOT include a copy of (which is where the modifications to in-game and menu text are made) so you will need to download Shifter separately to get that.
  • BioMod is a derivative work of Shifter, including most of its' content, but with significant changes to the functionality of the augmentations.
  • Deus Ex HardCore significantly changes the way Deus Ex plays by converting the different difficulties into different playing styles.

Graphics Mods

  • New Vision updates Deus Ex's world textures, which makes the game look a lot better.
    • New Vision also includes Chris Dohnal's updated OpenGL rendering engine.
  • Project HDTP (for High Definition Texture Package), while still in beta, aims to eventually update and replace all of Deus Ex's item and character textures.

Mission Mods and Total Conversions

  • Deus Ex: ZODIAC details Paul Denton taking on a splinter group of Majestic-12, in a side story to the base Deus Ex storyline.
  • Hotel Carone is a single mission that shows the player (as J.C. Denton) remaining with UNATCO for a bit longer after Mission 3 (Battery Park/Mole People/LaGuardia Airfield)
  • The Nameless Mod is a total conversion, imagining the old PlanetDeusEx forums as a Deus Ex-style MMO. You take on the role of Trestkon, as he investigates (for one reason or another) the kidnapping of one of PlanetDeusEx's moderators. Includes two distinct storylines.
  • Deus Ex: Revision is a set of updated/new maps based on the original maps.
  • Project 2027 is a total-conversion which serves as a prequel.
  • The Malkavian Mod is a one-map joke mod which creates hilarious situations by mashing up existing dialog into bizzare new dialog.
  • Modern(ish) Combat is a set of slightly modified singleplayer maps, to accommodate the addition of modern-day (real world) weapons and ammo for them. Author recommends using Shifter, and there is also a separate version compatible with BioMod.

Known issues

  • Deus Ex does not play well with multi-core processors; when the program attempts to use more than one core, the framerate and audio will often stutter or skip. To work around this in Windows, set DeusEx.exe to use a single core using the Windows Task Manager. (Right-click on the DeusEx.exe process and select "Set Affinity...") Unknown if Kentie's launcher has this problem.

GOG trivia

  • Deus Ex GOTY Edition was the one of the first Square Enix games to be published on, simultaneously with Hitman: Codename 47.

Sale History

Price Discount Promo Date(s) [Y/M/D] Notes
$3.99 60% Square Enix Supply 2014/04/04 - 2014/04/07