Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

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Official overview

Gaming's king of action returns in an all new adventure, this time in New York City. Duke battles his way across towering skyscraper rooftops and through gritty subway stations, hunting for a power-hungry villain, Mech Morphix. Mutants of every kind are thrown at Duke as he chases down Morphix through eight huge environments and avoids the green slime called GLOPP which is causing all the chaos.

But radioactive slime isn't Duke's only problem - there are more than 25 uniquely dangerous mutated enemies hell-bent on making a meal of him. Whether it's Uzi-sporting alligators or ten-foot tall roach beasts - Duke's in town to blast the bad guys and save the chicks. Sure, pipe bombs, a machine gun, a rocket launcher and a pulse cannon are going to make a goo-filled mess in the Big Apple, but what's a hero to do?

Release information


  • manual (15 pages) (1MB)
    duke_nukem_mp_manual.pdf - 21 pages
  • Duke ringtones (4MB)
    113 duke sms tones (001.mp3 to 113.mp3)



Patches and modifications

Official patches

Prism 3D Error Fix (Most likely no longer needed)

Unofficial patches


Known issues

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