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Official overview

Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect celebrity and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion. He is a can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him. This is the award winning game that helped define the FPS genre and introduced unparalleled interactivity and a talking main character.

Take the fight to the aliens in Hollywood, Los Angeles, a moon base and alien spacecraft. Defeat the aliens, so Duke can get back to some R&R with a stogie, a warm belly and a bottle of Jack.

Atomic Edition is the most complete version of the game that includes fourth bonus episode, new weapon and enemies.

Download Fan-Made Mods! If the base game isn't enough for you, check out some of the great mods that other gamers have made!

Release information

Version of GOG's Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition uses DOSBox v0.74. Like most other DOSBox releases, a separate tool, "Graphics mode setup," is also included.


  • An avatar (150x150, JPEG format) of Duke Nukem from the cover art.
  • A series of concept artworks from the game's development. Sketches include Duke's jetpack, the pig cops, unused weapons, and cutscenes. There are 20 in all with the average size being around 1000x700.
  • A collection of 113 Duke audio clips (labeled "ringtones"). They are MP3 files consisting mainly of Duke's one-liners.
  • PDF manual for the Atomic Edition. (25 pages)
  • Two wallpapers in 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1080, and 1920x1200 sizes. One is of the main cover art, while the other is the nuclear blast behind Duke from the cover.



Patches and modifications

The source code to the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition v1.5 executable, which uses the BUILD engine, was released as free software under the GPL by developer 3D Realms on April 1, 2003. The game content remains under a proprietary license.

Official patches

The GOG.com release is patched to the latest version, 1.5.

Unofficial patches


Source ports

  • EDuke32 (latest SVN builds) can be used to enhance gameplay, graphics and provide expanded mod support as well as multiplayer over TCP/IP.
    • The High Resolution Pack is a modification for EDuke32 that adds custom hi-resolution textures and models to replace the original content to provide for a more modern look.
    • DukePlus A modification for EDuke32 that enhances the gameplay and allows various customizations such as new weather effects, new light effects, translucent water, new Polymer lighting effects, functioning ladders, grabbable and pushable objects, optional weapon replacements and more. (DukePlus Documentation for further information)

Total conversions

  • Starship Troopers. A total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D based on the 1997 film, Starship Troopers. With several episodes worth of content.
  • Platoon. A total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D, inspired by the 1986 film, Platoon. This mod got the team a deal to do a retail version of Platoon and ended up being sold as NAM.


Known issues

Since this release uses DOSBox, it is advised to read through our entry on DOSBox for general troubleshooting.

Slow performance

A common solution to this is changing the DOSBox graphical output. Run the "Graphics Mode setup" program in the game's folder and try out the options until one suits your preferences.

Unofficial compatibility

Duke Nukem 3D can be played in Linux and Mac through DOSBox and eDuke32 (described below).

Linux compatibility

DOSBox, which Duke Nukem 3D is distributed with, is officially supported on most Linux distributions and can be acquired from many official package repositories, including Arch, Ubuntu and Debian.

Duke Nukem 3D can be played natively through eDuke32, which is a source port of the BUILD engine for many platforms including Linux.

Using eDuke32 on any distribution will require the .grp and .rts files from the GOG release as well as dosboxDuke3D.conf. Assuming the user installs Duke Nukem 3D via Wine, these files can be copied via the command line like so:

cp ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/GOG.com/Duke\ Nukem\ 3D/{*.rts,*.grp,dosboxDuke3D.conf} ~/.games/duke3d

The destination path can be edited as desired.


eDuke32 can be installed in Ubuntu by adding the following repositories to your sources.list file. Ubuntu users must also enable the universe repository.

Natty Narwhal
deb http://apt.duke4.net natty main
deb-src http://apt.duke4.net natty main
Maverick Meerkat
deb http://apt.duke4.net maverick main
deb-src http://apt.duke4.net maverick main
Lucid Lynx
deb http://apt.duke4.net lucid main
deb-src http://apt.duke4.net lucid main
Karmic Koala
deb http://apt.duke4.net karmic main
deb-src http://apt.duke4.net karmic main

This section taken from the official eduke32 wiki.

If users wish to use DOSBox, DOSBox can be installed via the official Ubuntu repositories:

apt-get install dosbox

Users will need to copy their dosboxDuke3D.conf file from a Windows installation (GOG.com installers work very well in Wine which can be used to get files like this) and create launch DOSBox via the command line like so:

dosbox -conf /path/to/dosboxDuke3D.conf

Note: The configuration file may need updating as certain parameters have changed since 0.72.


eduke32 can be installed via the AUR Package. Packages also exist in the AUR for the High Resolution Patch, DukePlus and the daily updated SVN build.

Arch users can also choose to use DOSBox. It can be installed via the community repository through pacman:

pacman -S dosbox

The DOSBox SVN version can also be installed via the AUR.

GOG trivia

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