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All cover art on the Wiki must correspond to the GOG release, but must not contain the shimmer/gloss.

Acquiring undoctored cover art

GOG actually host the undoctored cover art on their server, but it is not usually published. To find it, get the URL of the cover art of the product (example). To do this in most browsers, simply right click the cover and click "Copy image address". In Firefox, it may be necessary to highlight the image and click "View selection source".

Now that you have the URL of the cover, paste it into your address bar and remove the "_bb_20" section, like this: http://static.gog.com/upload/images/2009/01/b5a6e4f2cb0ea77f706052de9949396c489d4635.jpg. This will give you the undoctored cover art.

Now save the cover art to your hard drive and go to the upload file page and upload it, using the game's short name as the filename, with a captial first letter (such as Theguild.jpg, Mightandmagic6.jpg, Heroes3.jpg, Sshock2.jpg).