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Official Overview

200 years after the first chapter of Space Rangers, an even more dangerous threat arises in the galaxy. A key planet in producing war androids has become self-aware and has decided to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time. The planet's machines are not only capable of fulfilling any order, but they have their own intellect and force of will. This new type of cyber-life is driven only by a destructive instinct and cares solely about expanding the realm of the Silicate. Freedom of choice is a distinguishing feature of the first part of the Space Rangers saga and only develops further as players explore the massive galaxy. At the same time the player explores his surroundings, the larger and more expansive game world lives and develops by itself.

Release Information

Patches and Modifications

Official Patches

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  • The official patch does not work with the GOG version unless the associated *.rar archive linked to on the website is unpacked to the main directory of Space Rangers 2.
  • Patch 1.81 is only compatible with the GOG version of Space Rangers 2 if the following line is deleted from install.txt located in the main directory:

Unofficial Patches


Known Issues

Video Playback Issues

Many have reported problems getting the intro video and the other videos Space Ranger 2 features to work under Windows 7 and Vista (though not all). The error "NOTHING TO OUTPUT: BFRAME DECODER LAG" [2] is displayed whereas the video is skipped. So far no solution has been found that can fix the issue but there has however been posted a solution to play the videos outside the game:

"The vdo files are plain avi files using xvid codec renamed as .vdo. The sound track for the videos are in the music folder and are plain mp3 files renamed as .dat. So for example to play the video with sound you can use the free Media Player Classic Home Cinema by renaming intro.vdo to intro.avi and copying the intro.dat file to the same folder as the avi and name it as intro.mp3. Playing intro.avi should play both files in sync." -Elbereth [3]

Unofficial Compatibility

Netbook playability

On netbooks with screens of low resolution (below 1024x768), Space Rangers 2 will have issues running from its default settings. Shortly after the game is started it closes itself. The following work-around provided by user const0926 should fix this however: [4]

Open the cfg.txt file in your Space Rangers 2 directory. Find these 2 lines and make the following changes:

RobotResolution= 800,600

The user will also be met by a completely black screen on some laptops if the Power Options within Windows isn't set to High Performance. [5]

GOG Ttrivia

  • The game was upgraded to the "Reboot" version on June 6, 2012. Those who previously bought the game received the upgrade automatically.