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Template documentation

The blank form:

* Playstation 3
* cool thing 1


|name=Planescape: Torment

The game's name.

|image=Planescape Torment.jpg

The game's cover.


The game's price.

|developer=Black Isle

The game's developer.


The game's publisher.

Additional values that may be left blank:


Enable / Disable showing installer information with yes / no. This feature is Enabled by default.
All installer information is taken from Template:Installerinfo.


The total download size of the primary game package, as read from Template:Installerinfo. To disable, set to no.

|date=September 28, 2010

GOG's original release date.


The original publisher of the game.

|origdate=December 10, 1999

The date the game was initially released.


The earliest known version of the game ever released on GOG.


List the officially supported Operating Systems. Unsupported systems should have their own sections to prevent cluttering the infobox.
If left blank it will default to the following values:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8


Included languages. If left blank it will default to English.


List the game's extras. If none are specified it will default to None.

* manual
* wallpapers
* soundtrack
* avatars
* artworks
* book


Does GOG distribute a censored version?


Link to the GOG gamecard.


Link to the corresponding GOG forum.

Special values:

|product=Planescape: Torment

This is only for individual game pages, as opposed to product or game package pages. It is reserved for use in the GameInfo Template, for linking to the game package's product page in which the individual game is included. Should be the product name, not a link.

Finished infobox examples:

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