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Official overview

In the beginning of this adventure, hordes of nightmarish creatures stalk forth from the lair of Mondain the Wizard to devastate the tranquil kingdoms of Sosaria. Step into the burning world of Sosaria. Take up the weapons of time and sorcery in a battle to destroy Mondain.

In your second quest, you will discover that, although the master is dead, his evil legacy lives on. Minax, apprentice of Mondain, has come of age, raining terror and destruction on the land. In her fury, she has torn the fabric of time and space, opening doors through which you may bring about her doom!

Finally, after years of peace, fragments of a manuscript hint at an unholy alliance between Mondain and Minax. Of the fruits of that alliance, none can speak, but soon the Orc drums boom again. The Great Earth Serpent stirs in its slumber of countless ages. This time a party of adventurers must act, their only clue a single word scrawled in blood upon the deck of a derelict merchant ship: EXODUS.

Release information


  • manuals
  • cluebook
  • spellbook
  • maps

Patches and modifications

Official patches

The game is already patched up to the latest official version.

Unofficial patches

  • Pix's Ultima Patcher by Pix. A compilation of all current fan made patches and upgrades for Ultima's 1-6 with a installer to help apply the patches and upgrades to the GOG versions of Ultima 1-6, this program allow the user to apply such upgrades such as the EGA graphics patch for Ultima 2, The Exodus upgrade patch 3.0 which includes the musical score present in the c64, Apple 2, Amiga, and Atari 8-bit versions but missing from the Dos version of Ultima 3 as well as allows one to also play the game in EGA, VGA or even the intended 16 colour composite CGA graphics and colours, among other fixes and upgrades for the rest of the games.

This Patcher is purposely set up to install the fixes for the user so they can easily apply the fixes to the GOG versions of the game.


Known issues

Ultima 1

  • The player's armor seems to offer no protection when fighting in a dungeon. This makes the dungeon quests much harder. This is a bug that only exists in the PC/DOS version which is the version in the bundle on GOG

  • When you rescue a princess in some of the castles, she may get you backed into a corner forcing you to kill her to get free.

Ultima 2

  • The numbers for stats and hitpoints can "roll over", meaning that they return to zero when the value would go over 99, or over 9999, depending on which stat it is. In order to avoid reaching this situation in case of hit points (having zero hit points will kill the player), the game is coded so that Lord British ask for more gold for hitpoints, the higher the character is, so that the danger of rolling over is lower. The Ultima 2 EGA patch fixes this for the PC version.
  • In the last known releases of the PC version of Ultima II, that came in CD compilations such as Ultima I-VI Series and Ultima Collection, got broken. The game originally came on three floppies and some files on the second floppy carried the same file names as some on the third flopppy, but their contents obviously were different. So when it was all put into one directory for the compilations, the person(s) responsible for the transfers, seemingly didn't realize the file contents were different even though the file names were the same and so some of the planet maps from the third disk got overwritten. While this didn't make the game unwinnable as the key planets needed to win the game, planet X and Earth, are not affected but it certainly reduced the game's enjoyment and caused considerable oddness as now most planets looked exactly like the different eras of Earth just without the time doors. The EGA patch also has a fix for this as well.

Official compatibility

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