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Official Overview

2669, Gemini Sector, Troy System. The Terran frontier between the Kilrathi Empire and the unknown. Privateer takes you to the seamy side of the Wing Commander universe. In the far reaches of space, you live by no man's rules but your own. The fringes are populated by a volatile mix of pirates, miners, mercs, cutthroats, and Kilrathi, all struggling to make a life for themselves. In this open-ended game you can choose from many paths. You start with a rusted scout ship and a handful of credits in your pocket. It isn't much, but the universe is there for you to explore in search for profitable opportunities. Become a patient, law-abiding merchant, a smuggler far away from the normal space lanes, a pirate preying on the weak, or a professional mercenary hunting down criminal scum. Or just do whatever suits you at the time. At the end of the day, it's all about money and survival. Mostly money. Are you determined enough to forge your own destiny?

Release Information

Wing Commander: Privateer uses DOSBox v0.74. Like most other DOSBox releases on GOG, a separate tool, "Graphics mode setup," is also included.

The GOG release now includes the Righteous Fire addon.


  • Manual
  • Reference Card
  • Wallpapers
  • Avatars
  • Artworks
  • Production Documents
  • Playtester's Guide

Patches and Modifications

Official patches

Unofficial Patches

Known Issues

Since this release uses DOSBox, it is advised to read through our entry on DOSBox for general troubleshooting.

Slow Performance

A common solution to this is changing the DOSBox graphical output. Run the "Graphics Mode setup" program in the game's folder and try out the graphic mode options until one suits your preferences.

Another solution is to start the game with a joystick connected, if you have one.

Skipping/Popping Audio

Since GOG tends to utilize years-old DOSBox settings standards, several issues permeate through their DOS releases. Skipping audio is among them. Though there is no universal solution for this issue, adjusting several settings in the [mixer] section of a DOSBox configuration file helps alleviate most problems.

Open "dosboxPRIVATEER.CONF" with a text editor and edit the values under [mixer] to the following:


Drifting Cursor

There exists an issue with a "drifting cursor," where the crosshair would automatically move to the corners of the screen. This issue was fixed in version in GOG's release.

GOG Trivia

  • One of the first three games that debuted on following their partnership with Electronic Arts.

Sale History

Price Discount Promo Date(s) [Y/M/D] Notes
$2.39 60% Elite EA Assembly 2014/04/18 - 2014/04/21